15 Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries

Here is a list with top 15  Javascript and CSS  Libraries from January to May.


With Driver.js you can highlight items on your page, in order to attract the user’s attention. It is user-friendly, extremely lightweight and highly customizable. The library is licensed under MIT and works well on all browsers.



Rough.js is a lightweight canvas-based library that can be used for drawing figures and shapes as if they were hand-drawn. It offers tools for drawing lines, curves, arcs, polygons and other shapes. The library also supports drawing SVG paths.



Embetty allows you to display remote content like tweets or videos without compromising your privacy. For tweets use the embetty-tweet tag and for videos use the embetty-video tag. Currently, it supports 3 video types: Facebook, Vimeo, and youtube, which you should add a type attribute.




This is a simple and easy to use CSS framework. It has everything a CSS framework needs – from flexbox to all types of components like buttons, cards, tabs and more. The framework is easily customizable and lets you choose which components you want to use, and only they will be compiled in the final CSS file.

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons is a simple, modern and beautiful icon set created by Google. It includes more than 900 icons, customized only with CSS. The icons are vector-based and look great on all screen sizes, retina displays, and low-dpi screens.



This is a modern, modular tool for compressing CSS files. It takes your CSS files and performs a number of optimizations, to compress your code as much as possible for a production environment. It removes whitespace, comments, unnecessary definitions and duplicate styles.

Smooth UI

This is an open-source components library build with React and Styled Components. It prioritizes developer experience and accessibility and offers an easy way to design beautiful websites and applications. It can be extended or customized with custom themes.



A lightweight vanilla WebGL library for animating images and videos. It takes HTML elements containing images and videos and converts them into 3D WebGL textured planes, allowing you to animate them via shaders. It is easy to use but requires a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



This is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It comes with a flexible expression parser, a large set of built-in functions and constants, and supports working with different data types like complex numbers, fractions, units, matrices and more.



Kepler.gl is a powerful open-source web-based application for visual exploration of large-scale geolocation datasets. It allows you to drag and drop datasets, add filters and scales, and utilizes WebGL to efficiently render large data sets. It is built on React and Redux and can be easily embedded in your own mapping application.



With Hover.css you can add a wide variety of hover effects and animations to links, buttons, and images on your page. The code is self-contained and you can copy-paste it directly in your project, and is available in CSS, Sass, and Less. The effects may not work on older browsers, because most of them use CSS3 features like transforms and transitions.




Sympact is a minimal library for calculating the CPU and memory usage of tasks in Node.js. It executes a script and evaluates its execution time, CPU usage, and memory usage then returns a report containing the averages of the results. In addition, it comes with a CLI for a better user experience.



Leaflet is an open-source library for creating interactive maps. It offers some of the most important features for a map library like markers, layers, zooming and many more. It works on all major desktop and mobile platforms have no external dependencies and can be extended with a large number of plugins.



With Choices.js you can create good looking form fields. It offers many improvements over the default input elements like multiple entries per field, better select boxes, and linked form fields. This library is really lightweight, only 18kb gzipped, with no dependencies and clean API.

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