20+ Best Free, Responsive Admin Templates 2018

In this post, we are going to show you best free bootstrap admin dashboard templates for creating admin websites and it’s easy to use for the control panel, admin dashboard of your web application. Those admin templates were designed with professional layout and coding as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery plugin and also improve more user-friendly interface easy for using both user and developer.


AdminLTE is the most popular open source and free admin dashboard theme. Built on top of Bootstrap 3 framework, AdminLTE provides a range of reusable, responsive, and commonly used components.


Growing with free Bootstrap admin template, Sufee, will happen much smoother. You do not have to have a ton of prior coding and design knowledge to be able to create a custom admin dashboard. No need to be learning something new, Sufee makes it all effortless even if you are a novice. Quickly and effectively, you will have professional looking administrator ready for your online projects.


Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is designed to be beautiful and simple. It comes with a large collection of items that will give you multiple possibilities to create the application that best fits your needs. You can use to create admin panels, project management systems, backend Web applications, CMS or CRM.



Elegance and cleanness are what you get with the free admin template, Klorofil. Of course, there is way more to it than just the looks but we need to start somewhere, right? With the free option, you receive all the basic elements that a functional admin panel needs. That means, tables, charts, timeline, notifications and different predefined pages. As far as the UI elements go, you are treated with badges, buttons and progress bars. You definitely will not find anything missing.



When in need of something a bit more specific for your online shop, free eCommerce admin template, Shoppy, is the one item you need. Although it is quite versatile, it was built with online stores and marketplaces in mind. It is a powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap template with a beautiful design and great characteristics. Special eCommerce section with pricing panels and prices is what makes Shoppy template stand out from the crowd.


SB Admin 2 Flat Theme

SB Admin 2 is free admin bootstrap theme, dashboard template, or web app UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built-in Bootstrap UI features.


Paper Dashboard Angular Admin

Paper Dashboard Angular is a Bootstrap admin template that combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious maps and graphics. It was built on Google’s angular framework and the HTML version of Paper Dashboard. It’s a powerful dashboard but lightweight and easy to use. It has enough features to allow you to do the job, but it is not crowded to the point where you can not find the files for a specific component.


SB Admin Bootstrap 4 Theme

SB Admin is a Bootstrap 4 admin theme, it has 4 styles along with a variety of powerful jQuery plugins to create a powerful framework for creating web apps, admin panels, or back-end dashboards. It is 100% free and open source, use it for any purpose.


Matrix Flat Admin Template

Matrix admin is a free responsive admin panel template with Clean, Minimal, Flat and Metro. You will find too many options with this theme. It’s absolutely free to download and you can use it for a personal project or client.


Bluebox Admin Flat Metro Design Theme

Bluebox is a free admin bootstrap template with a flat metro design ready to use responsive admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, CSS3, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with an amazing bar, line charts, and graphs.


React Director ReactJS Admin Template

React Director is a free responsive web admin template powered by Facebook’s ReactJS and Bootstrap. It has a huge collection of composable React UI components (most Bootstrap components have been ported to React).


Free HTML5 Admin Template

This HTML5 / CSS3 admin dashboard template was created specifically for apps and the theme control panel for developers who want easy management of their admin dashboard. Forget the use of a basic admin panel template, this theme comes with built-in jQuery Table and easy integration with Google Chart API. It has nice navigation to hide and display the menu sections is also included, with tons of styles for different sections of entries and alerts.


Nice Admin Responsive Dashboard Theme

Nice Admin is a powerful admin panel template based on Bootstrap framework, it provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on User Experience. The custom plugins include carefully customize to fit with the overall look of the theme, working seamlessly across all browsers, tablets, and phones. It includes advanced examples of charts, form validation, and maps.


Material Dashboard Angular2

Dashboard Material Angular 2 is a free Bootstrap admin panel template with a new design, inspired by Google’s material design. We are very excited to introduce our concept on materials through an easy to use and very beautiful set of components. Dashboard material was built on the popular Bootstrap framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit with the rest of the elements.



If you have not found yourself the right admin building tool yet, you might just find yourself the answer. Here is Hybrid template and it is just about as awesome as it can get. It is a new-age aka contemporary flat and smoothly designed template which makes an end to your template hunt. Hybrid has all you need plus a few additional extras that will be of great use.



Target is a Material Design free admin template which foundations are Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3. This roughly tells you everything you need to know about Target. It is responsive, adaptable and delivers a clean and minimal design. But I bet you are all interested in knowing the amazing features. Like all free admin templates, you find in this list, Target is no different regarding plugins and widgets.



Whether you are on a desktop, tablet or any other mobile device, free admin template, Brilliant, smoothly adapts to any screen size. What I especially like about Brilliant is the fact that on mobile, it displays the entire admin overview page. You do not have to click and scroll much for a quick check. You can also hide the menu and have it appear very straightforward with the data.


Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin Lite is a clean and minimal free admin panel. You can use it for almost any type of dashboard for every application or website you are working on. And when you reach your business goals and need to upgrade, you can do it by going premium. Ample Admin has both options available. The first one is to see how it works while the second one is when you want to unlock a whole new back-end world. Still, if the free version is all you need, by all means, stick with it for as long as you want, there is no time cap.

Easy Admin Flat Panel Theme

The easy admin panel is a flat design concept admin bootstrap template. It is plain bold look, minimal look clean, a flat Bootstrap template for the job status contains a lot of web application user interface elements and widgets.


Minimal Admin Flat Theme

The minimum is a flat admin panel dashboard concept. It has web widget admin panel includes many user interface elements and clean look template for the job status.


Novus Colorful Admin Theme

Novus is a colorful admin dashboard template built with HTML5 Bootstrap, offering users fast, simple performance. The highly-responsive layout has been crafted with care and dedication to minimizing time spent on small tasks, leaving more free for more important elements.

Joli Angular Admin Template

Joli is a Joli Angular JS Admin dashboard template and Web App. It is compatible with smart devices like tablet and phones as well. It is very easy to use and customize according to various requirements.

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