Content Ad Personal Review 2018

A lot of advertising companies are paying bloggers in order to write a good review for them. This means they are not trusted enough.

In this article i will write a personal experience with content ad network. My website is not very popular so rest assured because no one is willing to pay me for a good review.

First of all they do pay. There are a lot of bloggers that recieved their payments from content ad network.

My experience with this advertising network is not that good. I quit my current ad network just to give them a try, but it resulted useless.

My website didn’t qualify for taboola, outbrain or google adsense, so i was stuck with Mgid, content ad and some others ad networks that approves small or medium sites. I tried a lot of ad networks, some of them were okay some did not make any money, so i was searching for the best ad network for my website.

While using content ad network i saw an increase in my earning. I was making about $12 to $15 a day, and that was a bit better than other ad networks that i used. The earnings was stable for about two weeks until i recieved an email saying that they have detected poor quality from the clicks they recieved from my website and they have set my account to run on performace basis.

Content Ad Personal Review 2018

Later i recieved another email telling me that they refunded all my money to respective advertisers and my website will not be allowed to display their ads.

Content Ad Personal Review 2018

I didnt have anything against this, i am glad that the care about their advertisers but what about publishers? I lost my earnings of two weeks. I could have made $200 dollars with my previous ad network for this period of time. The least they could have done was to tell me since the first days that my traffic isn’t converting even though they dont give you any proof of that.

So the conclusion is this.

If you know that your traffic dot generate a lot of conversation, and you are earning a lot from this advertising network, quit as soon as you can because they will block your domain by the end of the month and you will earn nothing. If you have a traffic that generates a lot of conversations give a try to taboola or outbrain, they will approve your website.

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