Adskeeper Personal Review with Payment Proof

Adskeeper is a native advertising network. Their ads perform better on news or viral websites. However you can use them even in video sites. I have used them for over a year and they have been correct with payments.

AdsKeeper also offers various types of native ads widgets. The types of native ads widgets offered by AdsKeeper are:

  1. Under Article Widget
  2. Header Widget
  3. Sidebar Widget
  4. Exit Pop-Up
  5. Media Widget

If you have a website with some visitors it wont be difficult to be accepted by them. However they dont accept new sites with no visitors at all. Their minimum payment is $100 and they accept only paypal and wire transfer.

Once you reach $100 they release the payment after 30 days of the end of the month. This means if you have earned over $100 by the end of october, you will recieve your payment in the first days of december. They take 30 days to verify your website clicks.

I have been satisfied with this ad network. i have used them in a video website and have made a good amount of money. Their managers respond in time, usually before 24 hours after your email. below i will provide an image with the payment proof of this ad network. I have hide some personal details for security reasons.

Adskeeper Personal Review with Payment Proof

If you have different experiences with this ad network comment below and we will consider reviewing this article again.

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