Basic seo tips for your website

As the number of online websites grow, ranking your website in the first page of search engines is becoming harder and harder. However this does not mean that you can’t rank your website on first page of search engines. You have to follow some tips and with some hard work you can see good results.

Below you can find some tips to follow in order to optimise your website.

1) Create a website for a specific thing

Its better to focus on a specific thing so when users search for that thing, they will know that your website is fully dedicated to that thing.
This step is important and you have to do some keyword research before choosing.

2) Mention your specific keyword whenever you see it reasonable

Include your specific thing in your page titles, page description, header tags and page content so google will know that your website describe that specific thing.

3) Structure your URL

Some sites use “Ugly” url-s that includes numbers or special charactes. Don’t do this. Try using url-s that includes only text and try to include your main keyword in url.
While searching in a search engine it crawls even the url of the post, so structure url-s in order to help google or other serach engines to understand that your website is the best about a specific thing.

4) Remove sources that slows down your page

Search engines takes seriously page load speed. Try to optimise large images, graphics, players and any possible plugin.

5) Make use of ALT attribute in images

Using alt attribute in images can help visitors understand what the image is about when the page is not fully loaded or when the image is not available.

6) Link to other sites with similar content

If your website is linked in a lot of websites, google will understand that your website have good content and is being shared among many websites. However the other sites must have quality content and good ranking in order to give a positive review for your website.

7) Update your website frequently

One thing that google monitors most is page update. You must update your page at least once a week. By doing this google will know that you are active with your website and will rank better than some other sites.

8) Make sure your website is indexed in search engines

Most of search engines crawl sites themself. You have to make sure they indexed your website. Be careful, your site should’nt have any page that displays error or not found. For example google will not index any site that is under construction or sites that displays errors.

9) Stop changing domain names

Google takes a lot of time to index all your links. If you keep changing domain names your indexed links will be lost and you have to start from beginning all over again.

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