Best Place to Put Share Buttons in Your Website

Sharing buttons have an important role in bringing new visitors in your website. They can make your website grow and make your content viral in all social medias.

If you browse some of the biggest sites you can see that almost all of them use sharing buttons. But when it comes to placement of the buttons, they chose different postitions.
Planing where to put this buttons requires a good plan and some time.

What are the most used positions?

There are 3 types of the most important positions:

  1. Under article
  2. Below article
  3. Floating buttons at the left of content.

Where to implement this buttons for a higher CTR?

There is no specific answer for this question.

I have seen a lot of websites placing them under the article. This placement is good becouse the users can see the buttons whithout having to scroll but the disadvantage of this placement is that users interested in sharing this article will probably read the hole article and he will have to scroll at the top of article in order to share it.

Placement at the end of article are easy identifiable for users who read the hole article however they may look a bit messy because at the end of articles a lot of sites put related articles, tag or comments and each of them have to be more identifiable than others.

Floating buttons on the left of site can generate a lot of shares becouse it will stay always on the screen and the users may click them even if they readed half of the article or the hole article. This buttons will be present all the time. Another advantage is that users start reading from the left to the right. This makes the buttons the first thing users see when the start reading.

How to choose?

To find which placement performs better you have to try all the placement for about a week and see the results. You can track the click with google analytics. After the results pick the mos clicked placement.

My opinion

Currently i am trying placing sharing buttons in two places, under the title and below the article. This way they can be easily identified for users that read the hole article and users that didn’t read all the article. However , if you try placing share buttons like this, remember to optimize sharing button images because they are being used twice and may cause an increase in page load.

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