Best Resources To Learn Node.js

In this post, we are introducing the best resources to learn Nodejs online. Although there is a number of NodeJS material available online most of them lag the comprehensiveness necessary for learning Node.js properly.

You will easily get frustrated while sorting out the best online resources. So here we providing some best learning resources to learn NodeJS which will be helpful for your NodeJS Development.

Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl

In this presentation Ryan Dahl, the man behind Node.js will introduce you to this event-driven I/O framework with a few examples.

SenchaCon 2010: Server-side JavaScript with Node, Connect & Express

Node.js has unleashed a new wave of interest in server-side Javascript. In this session, you’ll learn how to get productive with node.js by leveraging Connect and Express node middleware.

Lynda – Learning Node.js

Alexander Zanfir helps you write your first pieces of code and understand the frameworks available for the platform.


NodeSchool offers open source workshops aimed to teach web software skills. These are in-person hosted, usually free, in which workshoppers are used as curriculum and mentors help attendees work through the challenges.

Node.js Tutorials and Courses offers you a huge catalog of courses and tutorials completely focused on Node.js. So, if you are interested in learning Node.js online, and without the pressure of a teacher, this website is especially recommended for you.


GangBoard is an online training provider with more than 200 courses for students and professionals. It features courses for Pega, AWS, SQL, Big data, Webdesign, Java, R, etc.

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