The Best Tutorial Sources to Learn WordPress

If you are looking to learn more about WordPress on a regular basis, then you want a resource that is both comprehensive and regularly updated with fresh content. The present situation is way better thanks to many parties now providing tutorials on different subjects. This new competition has inspired more quality tutorials.

To save you from checking out just about every other site or resource claiming to offer the best information, here are some resources you can rely on.

1. WordPress Lessons

Whether you’re a WordPress beginner who wants to become a pro, or just need to learn the basics.


2. Envantotuts+ How to create an original WordPress corporate theme

Corporate WordPress themes are one of the most sought after themes, a clear indication of how businesses are appreciating the user experience WordPress offers. Creating a corporate theme has its fair of challenges especially when it comes to getting a flexible theme.


3. SiteGround

Siteground’s main business is web hosting. However, it has a section for WordPress services which offers plenty of resources for someone looking to start on the CMS. I particularly like how their tutorials are written in the form of ‘how to’ and their simple yet detailed structure.


4. Smashing Magazine

This is the website to go to if you are looking for information and resources on WordPress website design. Aside from being a source of some great free themes, you also get tutorials provided at least every month.


5. Let’s Build WordPress

This is another channel that mixes both in-depth tutorials with short but still concise videos to address various WordPress issues. It uses a ‘how to’ approach making just about every video here a tutorial. It is a good place to go if you are looking for help on a specific element of designing on WordPress.



Tutorials are published every month which allows them to be comprehensive on all the steps to be followed. There is also a good number of technical topics handled so the advanced user can also benefit from visiting the site.



Many of their tutorials cover areas the intermediate user will be looking for. Some of the topics covered range from how to add Google Analytics on your site, and how to add widgets to any template, to creating responsive images on your WordPress Website.


8. WebTegrity

If you are looking for a regular and all-around coverage of WordPress aspects, then this is the channel to subscribe to. They deliver new videos every Wednesday covering a whole range of topics from development, design, SEO, and reviews.

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