Best ways to monetize your blog (Perfect Guide 2020)

Creating a blog and start making a living with its profit is the dream job for many people. If you are new at blogging and have just started this seems to be a very difficult sometimes even impossible.

Making a living from blogging comes step by step. You have to work hard on your blog and make sure you build a good audience.

First, you have to create a blog that you feel comfortable writing. Here you can take a look at one of my articles on how to start a blog in minutes.

Secondly, you have to gather visitors in your blog so you can start monetizing it. For me, this is the most difficult part of blogging. You have to write quality and unique articles.

Before writing the article you have to study keywords. You must target the keywords with low competition if you are new in blogging.

I always study keyword in the google keyword planner. Choosing the right keywords makes sure your article will rank better on google search results.

And the last, after building an audience you should start monetizing your blog.

There are a lot of different monetizing ways for blogs that we will mention below. Each monetizing way may fit perfectly for different blogs. We will order them thinking that your blog is new and your audience is limited.

1) Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising is no doubt the best way to monetize your blog especially if your blog is new. Many new bloggers always go for Advertisement instead of Affiliate. I know that getting accepted by advertisements is fast but you can’t generate a lot if you don’t have at least 10,000 unique monthly visitors from countries such as the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Affiliate advertising will generate a lot of revenue from your first visitors if your blog is attractive. Let’s suppose we are creating a fitness blog and writing an article on how to gain muscle. If you put a referral link of a protein powder, a lot of readers will visit the link and buy the protein powder because they were interested in gaining muscle.

There are a lot of companies out there offering affiliate programs so it won’t be difficult for you to choose some of them and start making money instantly.

You just have to remember that the article about the referral should be real and don’t lie about the product you are referring to. This will drive your visitors away and make your blog not trusted.

2) Advertisements

This is the easiest way of monetizing a blog. You just put your ad codes on your blog and wait for visitors to click on your ads. However, you can’t make a lot from advertisements because almost all the time the ads are irrelevant to your content.

You can hope to make some money from advertisements only if you have at least 10,000 unique visitors per month.

Google Adsense is one of the most highest paying advertisement network. They offer responsive banner ads so your content won’t be deformed from ads.

Google Adsense is a little bit difficult to get approved because of its selective program. If your website can’t get accepted you can go for other advertisement networks. Here I have made a list with the review and payment proofs of some advertisement networks I have used so far.

3) Direct Advertisement

Direct advertisement can generate a good revenue if you find sponsors by your self.

Now you are going to ask: How to find this advertisers?

  1. You have to put a banner on your website to notify your visitors that you are selling ad space and some of them may find your website interesting for advertising.
  2. Check every comment on your website. If you see among them a person who owns a company asks him to become your sponsor.
  3. Make a google search of other websites similar to yours and see what companies they are publishing to their website. Find these companies and email them. If they are willing to discuss your offer, send them a detailed report of your data so they get informed where are they going to invest in advertising.
  4. Direct contact companies in your town that related to your blog content and offer them an advertisement space on your website.

These methods require a lot of work, but if you are determined to grow your business, success is just a step ahead.

Now that you found your sponsors, you may want to know how much to charge for a banner ad.

Well, that depends. It depends on your visitor’s country, your visitor’s engagement and your blog popularity.
Let’s suppose you have a fitness blog and a fitness supplement store wants to advertise on your website. You can charge up to $5 – $10 per 1000 impression, that because your traffic is targeted and the advertiser will get a lot of feedback from your visitors.

4) Sell online courses

Online courses have become a must if you want to specialize in a specific field. This growing requirement of online courses made many bloggers offer online video courses at reasonable prices.

Let’s say I am interested in programming. The first thing I will do before starting to learn e new programming language is going to Udemy or PluralSight and buy one of the programming languages courses I need.

This will cost me about $10 but the guys over there are making millions from the large audience.

To start selling courses online all you need is a computer and good knowledge of the topic you will explain in that course. Luckily these days owning a computer is not difficult.

It’s true that the first courses will not be very good but you have to continue and your ability to make professional online courses will grow.

Here are some links where you can sell online courses:

5) Sell E-Books

Selling an e-book may be a little difficult and require a lot of visitors but in the end, all the money from purchases is yours. All you have to do is choose a topic where you feel you are able to write and put it on sale on your blog.

If your e-book becomes popular and you see a growing interest in it you may consider selling it physically.

This is a great way to increase your passive income. All you have to do is take care of your blog audience and make sure the e-book is always up to date.

6) Freelance Work

You can use your blog to find freelance work. If your visitors like what you are doing in your blog it’s likely that they will hire you to do something for them.

You can start by creating a page for the services you offer and make sure you have a contact page so visitors can contact you for their needs.


All of the above monetization ways may generate good revenue based on your blog. If your blog is already started and you have a good audience, I would suggest that you try each of the monetization ways one by one.

This may require some months trying but in the end you will be able to determine which monetization way generates more earnings for your blog.

You can even use multiple monetization ways on your blog. The affiliate monetization, selling E-books and video courses works together almost all the time.

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