Best websites offering free vector icons

While developing a website, developer may need to use a lot of icons to make website more interactive. Developing all this icons by yourself requires a lot of time. However there are some websites that offers vector icons for free.

Below you can find a list of web sites that offer free icons:


Font Awesome is one of the oldest projects offering free vector icons. They have a set of 675 free icons. There you can find almost all icons that you need. Currently they are launching a premium version of font awesome offering a lot of new features.
All you need to do is to download their source files and link the css files in header of your website.

Fontawesome free icons


Flaticon is a platform with 336,465  and counting. They have a lot of developers working for them and they release a lot of new icons regularly. The icons are free however they require that you credit author by posting a link of author and linking them to flaticon website.
They ofer variuos of icon formats.  You can download as PNG, SVG, EPS and PSD. You can choose even the color of the icon so you dont have to do a lot of changings in icons.

Flaticon free vector icons


Freepik offers not only vector icons, they offers graffic resources, psd, photos, banners etc. Just like flaticon, freepik offers free icons by crediting author. You can choose a premium plan if you dont want to credit anyone in your website.

Freepik free icons and banners


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