Bidvertiser Review with Payment Proof

Bidvertiser is between the oldest ad networks in the industry. Their most used ad format is pay per click even though recently they have had success with pop ups and slider ads format.

I have used them for a while and discovered that if you have some quality traffic you can make some real money with this ad network.

They have been in the industry for a long time so they are a trusted ad network with a minimum withdraw of $10. This means that when your balance reach $10 you can request a payment. They take 2-3 days to process the payment.

I have been paid multiple times by Bidvertiser. Here you have a screenshot of the payments:

Bidvertiser Payment Proof

Ad Formats

Currently they support 7 ad formats.

  1. eBay Ads
  2. Desktop/PC Pop-Under Ads
  3. Desktop/PC Slider Ads
  4. Mobile Popup Ads
  5. Mobile Catfish Ads
  6. Mobile App Store / Google Play Ads
  7. Revenue Links

This ad formats generate high revenue and they are suggested to allow all this ad formats in your ad zone.

Payment Methods

They support 4 payment methods:

  1. Paypal ($10 Minimum)
  2. Bitcoin ($100 Minimum)
  3. Check ($100 Minimum)
  4. Bank Transfer ($500 Minimum)

Referral Program

Beside their ad network they offer good rates for their affiliate program. I haven’t tested their referral program for a long time but when i was using them i got a referral. This referral added in my balance an extra $50.

Take a look at the screenshot of my referral reports. I have removed the dates for privacy reasons.

Bidvertiser referal proof

As you can see from the payment proof photo i haven’t used this ad network for a long time. That’s because i have always been trying different ad networks and get the best of them.

Here you can see other ad networks i have tried or you can give a try to Bidvertiser here and see the results by yourself.

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