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By Focusoncode October 25, 2018

CSS Flexbox allows you to create super complex and super flexible layout with CSS. When you work with responsive web design, you will find yourself with a combination of floats, heights swell as any number of hacks to get things done.

It aims to get rid of these hacks and let us create flexible layouts. CSS Flexbox controls the position, size, and spacing of elements about their parent elements and each other. By using flexbox css, we can quickly build complex layouts like navigations bars and menus, grid layouts, bar charts and more.

In this post, you can see a great resource for flexbox.


Simple and responsive flexbox based Sass Framework.



The structure is a declarative, Flexbox based grid framework. It defines layout using non-standard attributes on elements.



Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox.



A minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework.



A lightweight responsive Sass/CSS framework based on the flexible box.



Frontend Framework for responsive, mobile first Web apps, Based on Flexbox.


Flex Grid Framework

The Flex Semantic Grid focusing on performance for stylus and Sass.



A minimalist CSS framework.



Robust, fast and cross-browser responsive layout scaffolding based on Flexbox.


Semantic UI

Semantic is a UI component framework based on using principles from natural language.




Waffle Grid System

An easy to use flexbox grid system.


Gridder is simple grid system based on Flexbox.


Flexbox Grid

A grid system based on the flex display property.



Flexbox Grid System for Stylus.


Super GiGi

Super GiGi is a CSS3 flex based grid system.



A simple yet flexible sass class naming structure on top of a flexbox based grid.



Modular, responsive flexbox grid system.



A simple, responsive, flexbox grid system.



Gridlex is a very simple css grid system to quickly create modern layouts and submodules.



Stylus Flexbox grid system for Meteor with PostCSS.


Better Flex Grid System

Flexbox provides simpler and more flexible layout options in CSS.

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