Choose The Most Effective Monetization Strategy For Website

Sometimes finding an ad network that is best for your website is very difficult. Many publishers are annoyed by some of the ad networks and they think their website is more worthy than the earnings they made by using them. Choosing a monetization way will require a lot of time because you have to test them one by one to see how they perform on your website and choose the best one.
Before spending time trying all of them, take a quick look at this article showing you one of the oldest ways of advertising and why not the most effective one.


So what is the best way monetizing a website?

The best way to monetize your website is by contacting companies and asking them to promote their products to your page. This will require a lot of efforts but in the end, you are in control of your ad spaces on your website and their prices.


Why do I have to choose this way of monetization?

  1. You have more control over ad spaces on your website.
  2. You choose your own price for each ad space.
  3. You have more control to the products that are being displayed to your website.
  4. Your website will look more professional if you display direct advertiser ads. There are millions of blogs out there displaying online ads, but this does not mean they have quality blogs. Getting direct advertisers means that your advertisers value a lot your website because they are spending money on it. No one wants to spend his or her money on low-quality websites.


How much to charge?

Well, that depends. It depends on your visitors country, your visitor’s engagement and your blog popularity.
Let’s suppose you have a gaming website and a gaming company want to advertise on your website. You can charge up to $10 per 1000 impression, that because your traffic is targeted and the advertiser will get a lot of feedback from your visitors.
Anyway, you can start with a minimum of $1 per 1000 impressions and increase it by the time your blog becomes even more popular. You know there are a lot of cheap networks over there and you have to compete them.


How can I find advertisers to promote their products on my website?

The first thing to do, you have to put a banner on your website to notify your visitors that you are selling ad space and some of them may find your website interesting for advertising.

Check every comment on your website. If you see among them a person who owns a company ask him to become your sponsor.

Make a google search of other websites similar to yours and see what companies they are publishing to their website. Find these companies and email them. If they are willing to discuss your offer, send them a detailed report of your data so they get informed where are they going to invest in advertising.

The last and the most effective way to find an advertiser is by directly contacting them.
Go ahead and make a list of the companies in your country that you think they might be interested in advertising. Don’t be lazy and go meet them by yourself in their offices. Tell them about your site, visitors etc. Don’t expect that all companies will accept to advertise on your website but if you keep spreading the word that you sell ad space some of them will surely accept.

These methods require a lot of work, but if you are determined to grow your business, success is just a step ahead. However, you won’t get results immediately after setting up the website. First, you focus on updating your content as often as possible and quality of your content, then it will be easy to monetize your website.

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