Fun Games To Learn To Code

We have posted an article, with what we think are the best sites where you can learn web design. But when you are a beginner, you will find difficult to learn. For that reason here is a list of games that can help you understand the basic of coding in different languages. Coding is fun once you’re confident and know what you’re doing, but getting to that point can be a grueling experience.



Is a technology company editing an online platform for developers, allowing them to play with programming with increasingly difficult puzzles, to learn to code better with an online programming application supporting twenty-five programming languages, and to compete in multiplayer programming contests involving timed artificial intelligence, or code golf challenges. CodinGame also serves as a recruiting platform, allowing developers to get noticed by companies based on their performance on the contests.



Screeps means “scripting creeps.” It’s an open-source sandbox MMO RTS game for programmers, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units’ AI. You control your colony by writing JavaScript which operates 24/7 in the single persistent real-time world filled by other players on par with you.

Code Combat


CodeCombat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing through a real game. It is a community project, with hundreds of players volunteering to create levels. Supports Java, JavaScript, Python, Lua, CoffeeScript.



Achieve mastery through a challenge. Improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges. Supports JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Python and more.

Code Hunt



It teaches you coding in a unique way. To play, you identify code fragments, analyze them, modify the code to match the fragments, and then capture the working code fragment. You can use it to learn Java or C#.

CheckIO and Empire of Code


Are strategy games that can teach you JavaScript or Python. Empire of Code uses a space setting and you learn by defending your own base and attacking others, while CheckIO lets you improve your skills by using others’ solutions.

Hex Invaders


In this version of the classic arcade game, the world is attacked by a trio of aliens, each sporting a different color. To save humanity, the player must quickly translate an RGB hex value into human colors and shoot down the invaders.



Pixactly has a very simple, yet challenging concept. The game gives you two random pixel values, one for the width and one for the height of a rectangle. The player then has to draw a box that is as close as possible to the given dimensions.

Dungeons & Developers


A talent tree with CSS, HTML and JavaScript magic instead of fire and ice. Add points in the skill you already know and see how close you are to becoming a true Web Development Master. Submit talent tree as CV for job applications at your own risk.

Hacker Org


The challenges are a series of puzzles, tricks, tests, and brainteasers designed to probe the depths of your hacking skills. To master this series you will need to crack cryptography, write clever code, and dissect the impenetrable.

Cyber Dojo


Cyber Dojo has practice exercises and challenges for dozens of coding languages including Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more. Each exercise spells out a challenge to complete with an example showing what the end result should look like. It’s a great way to practice your code skills.

Elevator Saga


Elevator Saga tests your JavaScript knowledge with challenges related to moving an elevator and transporting people in the most efficient manner possible. It starts out with a challenge to move 15 people in less than a minute, with challenges getting progressively harder from there.



If you ever watched the show BattleBots, then Robocode is for you. You’ll learn programming skills by building virtual robot battle tanks in Java or .NET. Battles are then played out onscreen in real time

Flexbox Defense


Flexbox Defense is another great way to practice your flexbox skills. This time, you’ll move gun towers into position along a path to defeat oncoming waves of enemies, using the same kinds of commands as Flexbox Froggy.

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