How to Get Visitors From a New Facebook Page

Getting the first visitors in your website can be easy if you have a social media account with lots of followers or if you have a large budget to promote your website. But how can you receive visitors if you just created your facebook page and you have no money at all for promotion.

For most bloggers this seams impossible and they give up immediately but there are many methods you can grow your website without spending a dollar.

I have been struggling myself to get the first visitors on this website, tried a lot of methods although some of them were worthless. I thought giving up because it seamed impossible to create a site with good amount of visits but i kept going and i am seeing some good results by now.

Here are few things to consider before begining.

1) Passion

If you dont have the passion dont go for it becouse you will surely with give up once realising that it will need some time to recieve visitors. You dont go to the cinema if you dont like movies!

When you have passion nothing cant stop you, not the money neither the time spend for it. By following your passion will make you learn more new things and eventually improve your website.


2) If you start the website with the idea that you will make money immediately, you are in the wrong path.

Without promotion it will require a lot of time to generate a revenue from your website, but think it as an investment of the future. If you keep posting interesting things on your site and build a community, within a year or two your website will be linked by many sites, referred by many users and indexed by most of the search engines.

You will have your loyal visitors and now you can generate a good revenue from your website from affiliate marketing or banner ads. All you have to do next is update your website frequently and keep in touch with you visitors.

3) Start building your community.

How can you build a community when you have a facebook page with 0 likes and no money at all. That was my first question when i read about this topics. i kept researching until i found a solution.

a) Invite your Facebook friends

The first thing i did was inviting my friends to like my Facebook page. They don’t know any thing about blogging or web development but they liked the page just trying to be supportive and they referred to their friends that show interest of my website.
Now i got the first likes, but i was looking for more.

b) Join Facebook groups related to your page

Find some groups related to your page and begin interacting with their members ( Remember Interaction is the key).

Almost all of the members of this groups will like your posts if you create interesting articles. I posted regularly on the groups i joined (Don’t spam!), i got some visitors in my website but almost no one liked my Facebook page. I needed a stable visitors source so i had to grow my Facebook page.

What i was doing wrong?

I was only posting direct link of my website and no one could se my facebook page.
You don’t have to post direct links of your website in your groups because other members don’t see a thing about your Facebook page.

I started to create image posts on my Facebook page, with a nice descriptive image, a description of my website post and a link that redirects to my website, just like the image below.

How to Get Visitors From a New Facebook Page

Next thing i did was sharing this post on Facebook groups i joined. Now members can see that this is an interesting post created by your Facebook page. Here is the image.

How to Get Visitors From a New Facebook Page

I got two months to grow my Facebook page from 0 to 30 likes and now within two days i got 43 other likes with members that likes the content of my website. This users may turn into loyal visitors if you create interesting content, because they were not forced to like your page or liked it just to be nice.


c) Interacting with your followers

I passed the most difficult part of growing a website. Visitors are coming to my website and currently i am focusing on interacting with my followers or visitors. If you communicate with your followers or visitors they are more likely to suggest your site to their friends.

Take a good care of them and they will make your website go higher.



Never give up if you have a passion of blogging. Create a community, take part in conferences if possible, learn from other bloggers, and always keep talking with your followers.

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