Google Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Need to Use

Blogging is not that easy.
If you want to create a blog, you will have to work very hard and spend a lot of time growing and updating it.

But there are some ways that you can fasten this process.
In this article we have listed 10 google chrome extensions that will help every blogger save some time.

1) Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot is one of the best google chrome extension when it comes to screenshots.You can capture a full page or a selected area. It is easy to use and totally free.

Get Awesome Screenshot


2) Grammarly

Every blogger makes grammar msitakes while writing an article and every one of them dont want their visitors to detect this mistakes. Grammarly comes in handy not only when writing articles,  but even when writing an email or when sharing something in social medias.

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3) Link Miner

If you have ever tried broken link building, you know it’s a hue pain to find broken links on any given web page. Link Miner is a free tool that let’s you check for broken link on a specific website. To use it you just have to click the button and it gives you detailed stats about that website links.

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4) Email Hunter

Building connection with other bloggers is the esential part of blogging. Finding email address of a website is really hard and it takes a lot of time. Email Hunter is here to help. Ti shows you all emails related to that website and the confidence score that the email is correct.

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