How to promote a new website for free

When starting a new website, recieving the first visitors is something that seems impossible.Your site just come from nowhere and no one in the world knows it (except the domain provider and you). Some people can’t afford the premium promotion since the beginning of their website but this doesn’t mean that they can’t get website visitors. Although it seem impossible there are some techniques that can bring you some visitors and let the world of search engines know about your website existence.

In the list below we will show you some platforms that allows you to share content for free with their users.

1) Facebook

Facebook is becoming the primary traffic source for many websites. Having a facebook fan page with a lot of followers will make it easier for your website to grow. As long as you update the fanpage regularly and don’t spam users with fake articles, you will surely succeed. However not anyone have facebook fanpage with a lot of visitors and getting followers to your facebook page is another piece of hard work. Dont worry, there is another social media who thinks of you.

2) Reddit

Reddit is a social media where users share content, articles and make questions among one another. There you can post your website links and choose a category for that article of your website. All users that follow that category will see your post and all those who are interested will click your link and visit your page. Remember, do not post only your domain link. You can post as many articles as you want.

The very first post that i made in Reddit got about 150 clicks which is WOW for a new website that have not a single visitor. Not to mention that the link i shared got indexed by google within two hours.

3) Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media where users share images. All you have to do is create a board with your domain name and post images of your website in there. The main reason of using this social media is that users with come to your website if they found any interesting image on pinterest, because the will search for more. Their link will get indexed by google faster than your website so why not to let this website do you a little advertising.

4) Youtube

Finding a video in youtube is a much easier than finding a article in google. Create a nice video, upload it in youtube, place the link in the description and however find that video interesting will definitely visit your website.

5) Commenting in other websites

By expressing opinions on other people blogs will give you opportunity to post your link under their posts. Be carefull not to make it look as a spam. You just give your review and if you think your article discribes that post better, just post your link in there.


Using this platforms may not give you thousands of visitors but the can make your website popular. Thay can speed up indexing proccess by search engines and eventually if you have nice articles, visitors will definitely start to grow.

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