How to start a professional blog within minutes

Creating a blog have become more like a trend nowdays. Some people use it to generate extra income and some others just to build an audience. Many bloggers ask for programmers help to setup a blog. This can result in additional expenses and a lot of time waiting for the set up. 

Seeing this problem, many hosting providers have created user interfaces where you can create a blog or a website with just a few clicks without using programming at all. 

So what do we need to create a blog?

To create a blog we need:

  1. A domain name
  2. A WordPress hosting service
  3. A WordPress theme

The domain name and the hosting service mostly come together from the hosting provider. 

As per today, the most used hosting provider for WordPress blog is BlueHost. They have created a WordPress plan and you can install it with just a few clicks. 

Here is how you can setup a WordPress hosting plan and domain name from bluehost:

Create a BlueHost account.

On the main menu go to: WordPress -> WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost select wordpress menu

Since the blog we are creating is new and we are not having a lot of visitors for a period of time, the basic plan will do just fine for us. However we can switch plans if our blog becomes very popular and receives a lot of visitors.

Go ahead and choose the basic plan.

Next step is to choose our domain name. The domain name is the url of our blog.

If the domain name we choose is valid, now we create an account so we can login and use our hosting service.

Bluehost create account

After finishing filling personal e payment information, Bluehost will redirect you to installing WordPress page.

Once the Installation is completed we have our blog up and running. Now it’s time to login in our blog and choose a theme. To login we go to and use the credential we choose during WordPress set up.

Choosing the right theme

Choosing a WordPress blog theme can depend from user preferences. There are a lot of premium themes on or we can choose a free theme from WordPress themes platform.

The disadvantage of free templates is that they dot offer many options and sometime may be not well structured and SEO friendly, but they are free. 

The premium template costs you around $50/lifetime and we can choose many options and features available in our template. offers a diversity of wordpress themes at reasonable prices. 

Premium templates are recommended as they reduce our work in website optimisation and SEO.

Once choosing our template we go to our blog admin panel.  and login with our credentials .

Choosing free templates:

To install a free template from WordPress we proceed as below:
Go to Appeareance-> themes-> add new and click activate

WordPress select free theme

Choosing premium templates:

To install a premium template we have to upload the downloaded theme zip file into our WordPress admin panel
Go to Appeareance-> themes-> add new-> upload theme and after the theme is uploaded click activate.

WordPress upload premium theme

Creating the first post

So far, we created our blog and choose our WordPress theme. Now it’s time to create our first post. To add a new post navigate to Posts-> add new

WordPress create first post

Here goes all the post content. On the left side we can add title and all the post content. On the right side we can setup post options like adding tags, categories, featured image etc.

Now our blog is ready to use. All we have to do is create great content so visitors will like it. This was a step by step guide on how to create a professional blog without any programming skills. 

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