Propellerads honest personal review with earning stats

This review is based on my personal experience with Propellerads network. I am testing a lot of ad networks trying to find an adsense alternative and share my personal experiences with my website visitors.

To begin with Propellerads, the first thing i found on google search about them was: ” How I Earned 1500 USD per month with Propeller Ads “. Is it that simple to earn $1500 a month from an ad network? No. You need a website with a huge amount of visitors to earn that much. Don’t get fooled by this articles. Most of ad networks are paying bloggers to post articles with good review about their company.

The advertising. I saw a lot ads of propellerads over social media saying they pay $7 CPM. I don’t know about you guys but i barely got $0.5 CPM with popunders that is their best performing ad placement. Not to mention banners that pays you only when a click generates a conversation. If you are into CPC, you cant find it in propellerads although they say they are a CPC ad network.

My experience with them is not that good. I’m not saying that they are scam and they will not pay you. I’m just not satisfied with the earnings that i got using them. I read in their blog that video streaming sites works best with propellerads. I got that site with good amount of visitors mainly from Malaysia, USA, UK, so i gave them a try and got very disappointed.

I tried their best performing ad unit Popunders, and the result was as in image below:

Propellerads earning stats

Here are the stats for banner ads:

Propellerads earning reports

As i know they currently disabled banner ads because no one was earning from them.

I didn’t go any further to test other ad units because it was a useless for me. As you can see the stats are very low and you need a lot of time to reach minimum payment of $100. Dont forget that they don’t accept paypal as a payment method. You have to open a payoneer card in order to get payed or wait until you reach $500 for wire transfers.

With all the tests i have done with other ads network there is not any alternative of adsense. Work hard on your blog and try to get accepted by adsense.

That’s my opinion about propellerads. If you have another opinion about them just leave a comment below and i will consider rewriting this post if i am wrong about them.

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