Reset password form validation with jQuery

While working with user accounts, you have to add a reset password feature in your application. If one of them can’t remember the password, it will be easier to simply fill the reset password form.

The reset password form must have a validation script, to ensure that the user creates a strong password. This type of validation ensure that the password contains:

  1. A capital letter.
  2. Combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. A length greater than a specific number.

Another type of reset password validation is rewriting the password to make sure the user is aware of the password he will be using.

The validation script must ensure that password and retype password field have the same values.

I have created a simple reset password form using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The form contains all of above validation. This mini project is free to download.

Reset password form validation with jQuery

Below you can find the download and demo link or your can just take a look at the source code below.

Below you can find the source code of this validation script.

HTML5 Form

CSS Code

jQuery Validation Script

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