The Best 10 Resources To Learn JavaScript

After spending your time to begin learning web development basics with HTML and CSS, it is time to move on to the next step, which is to learn Javascript, often noted as JS. My recommendation for you is to learn Javascript online for free, and that’s the most affordable plan for any Javascript beginners. In this article, I will list up the best 10 places to learn Javascript for free online.

JavaScript for cats

If you are a complete beginner and does not know anything about the Javascript, then the JavaScript for cats is the perfect resource for you.


The course is really practical and Javascript beginners can feel the taste of Javascript, very easy to understand and take into practice. It takes about 10 hour-length to complete the course; however, I recommend Javascript beginners to spend more time to reviews and re-practice with the exercises more.\


Eloquent JavaScript

This is a book rather than a website. The very first 4 chapters of this book can really help an intermediate a lot. You should definitely consider taking a look at this amazing resource.


This is a free course provided by Javascript Experts at Microsoft, and really good for anyone who wants to learn Javascript language along with the development tools in the right way from the start. is another great Website where you can teach yourself with the Video Lectures from the professionals.


Mozilla Developer Network

MDN is one of the largest database of everything about web and Javascript language. It does provide a variety of guides and tutorials from beginner level to expert level.

So that any Javascript developers can start their own learning path or research more about the web. If you’re planning to become a serious Javascript developer, you should study from MDN.


Learn JS

Learn JS is a great free resource for beginners which allows them to write and test their code on the website itself.


Udacity — Intro to Javascript

This is a video lecture course, available online at Udacity learning platform, and it’s totally free and taught by professional Javascript developers. Besides, you can explore further more for free Javascript courses after finishing the basic one.



CoderByte is a great platform for problem-solving in the Javascript. These coding problems help one in improving his skills.

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