The Best Atom Packages for Front End Developers

For every front-end developer, it is very important to have a powerful text editor that must be capable of supporting all popular languages. To meet all the requirements of developers, atom text editor has been developed and introduced to you by GitHub. It is an open source software application which is highly customizable according to the requirement. There are a number of packages available on the internet that you can integrate with atom for an effective development. Here you will get information regarding some of the Best Atom Packages which are highly productive.


Simple black and white color are always boring, and pigments package of atom text editor is its solution. These packages scan source file of project’s directory and build a palette with the help of all colors. The color changing capability has made it one of the Best Atom Packages for Front-End Developers.


This is one of the most useful packages for developers that support multiple cursors for wrapping the abbreviations and expanding them etc. the interactive actions feature allows the user to preview the real-time result while typing.



If you have installed the Jupiter kernel, this package will let you run code directly through the atom. This is the best way to write a code because of the interactive style of light table and robustness of atom. It is capable of executing a line, section or complete block at a single time. It supports many plugins that you can download from the official page of this package.


With the help of minimap, you can preview the full source code. You can develop your own plugin with the help of this package by using generation command plugin. It also comes in standalone mode and canvas based rendering such as simple, fast and flexible. Auto-hide, cursor line and bookmarks are some plugins that support this package.


Merge conflicts

Now you can resolve the conflicts of git with the help of the atom through this package. For every detected conflict, a conflict resolution control is provided and you can also track the progress through pre-file progress bars merging. You can use this package to detect the conflicting market that displays the progress through a merge.



This atom package has the capability of integration with all famous operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It covers all the well-known scripts such as HTML, CSS, python, ruby and many more. Basically, developers use this package for the better appearance of the website for end users.



With the help of linter package of an atom, you can get the best in class API for visualizing every kind of messages including the errors. Actually, it is a base linter that further needs the installation of a specific linter according to your language preference. On the official page of this package, you will get all information regarding the installation process.


Color Picker

By using shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + C in windows or cmd + shift + C in OS X, one can open and use this package that has currently 10 color options to choose. You can also right click in the interface and select color picker option to execute this tool.



Without leaving the Atom platform, this small package enables the user to yarn things effectively. By using an easily accessible command palette, you can run yarn command such as add, remove, initiate and installation etc. By using the shortcut keys provided on the official page, one can easily toggle the yarn command palette and yarn output pane.

Remote edit

This is one of the Best Atom Packages for Front-End Developers to edit remote files by using SFTP and FTP. As a security enhancement, it also supports password and agent authentication. You can easily install it by using atom package manager from settings option. By clicking on start server option in remote edit package settings, it will execute instantly.


You can use this lightweight atom package for execution of simple commands for a specific project that is running. Before using it, you need to configure the .nanobot file in the root directory of the project. It also comes with advanced configurations for the execution of directory, command, and logfile etc. that is why it comes in the category of the Best Atom Packages for Front-End Developers.



For creating hotkeys to jump the files across the panes that are visible, jumpy is used by worldwide developers. To make it work, press shift + enter. Choose from the presented table and keep on coding by entering 2 characters.

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