The Best JavaScript and CSS Libraries for November 2018


Spacetime is a lightweight javascript timezone library which, given its size, performs some pretty complex calculations and manipulations for working with timezones even taking into account daylight savings, hemispheres, leap-years and more, all with an API similar to Moment and no external dependencies.


This is an interesting library that allows you to create different types of charts right in your terminal. It is really simple to use and doesn’t have any dependencies. It supports Bar, Pie, Bullet, Donut, Gauge and Scatter chart types.



This is a next generation web framework that combines the advantages of Web Components and JSX in one. It is based on Shadow DOM, offers TypeScript support, and has modern reactive data-binding. What is more,

Glorious Demo

It is an open source javascript library that exposes an easy API to create animations for your code sample.



Evergreen is a React UI framework for building modern and functional projects. It includes a number of React components that are ready-to-use, without any configurations. All the components are highly flexible and compostable, so you can craft beautiful and responsive layouts.


A tiny vanilla JavaScript library for creating scroll animations. Sal is based on the Observer API, which allows it to be super performant and not rely on any external dependencies. It is extremely lightweight, easy-to-use, and supports a number of animations like fade, slide, zoom, and flip.



Larametrics was designed to be a super-simple plug-and-play package to help keep track of any surprises that might spring up in your app’s backend. Additionally optimized to be as out of the way as possible, all notifications have the ability to run as asynchronous Laravel jobs and queries accessing the database cause almost no significant increase in overall app response time.


Nachos UI

A React Native component library containing over 30 customizable UI elements. You can find loading indicators, form inputs, a gravatar interface, and much more. The project’s documentation makes it really easy to understand how to implement each component and all the options that come with it.


Butter Cake

Butter Cake is an open source CSS framework based on Flexbox. It makes it possible to craft modern and mobile-first designs without having to write too many lines of CSS. It is highly modular and offers a large number of responsive components and elements that you can choose from.


Pennywise allows you to open any website or app in a tiny floating window that remains on top of all other applications. You can adjust the window’s opacity, resize or move it anywhere you

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