Top 13 Places To Learn Python

Python is an elegant, high-level programming language that is relatively easy to learn and includes multiplatform support. It is so deep and easy to learn, that it is one of the most recommended languages among education and research markets.

A lot of students start their coding or programming journey by learning Python. To help you get started, we have compiled a huge list of resources that will either help you get started with Python or broaden your understanding if you already know the basics

The Python Tutorial

This is an official website for Python developers, both complete newbies, and experienced senior engineers. Here you can find a complete tutorial to get understanding of basic concepts and features of the Python language and system.


Tutorials Point

Get an online Python tutorial on TutorialsPoint for free. To start the course you should have an understanding of some basic programming concepts. Short intro to Python history, syntax and basic operators as well as advanced topics and additional resources are here at your disposal.



Get an idea what Python programming is in just 3-4 hours with this classes from Khan Academy. Learn how to use the PyScripter IDE for the Python programming language, how to create a function and implement an If Else statement, how to use variables in For loops and While loops, etc.



This free Python course is made for beginners in the sphere of software development, so you have to know what loops if statements and functions are. The program lasts about 6 weeks. It includes rich learning content and interactive quizzes. Students also get access to a support community.



DataCamp, a leader in data science education, generously offers two free Python courses. The first one is dedicated to deep learning in Python; it includes 17 videos and 50+ tasks. The second course focuses on Python in data science. Here “you will learn about powerful ways to store and manipulate data as well as cool data science tools to start your own analyses.”

Google’s Python Class

If you have a bit of experience in coding, stick to the program offered by Google. Google’s Python class is a free online resource with written materials, videos, and tasks to get a better understanding of this programming language.



There are 30+ free online Python courses available on Udemy. But the price of paid courses is also affordable, so you can choose the tutorial according to your needs and requirements. Tests, tasks, and subtitles available!


Being one of the most popular programming languages, people are spoilt by the choice of guides and tutorials. Code Academy is one of the best online Python courses for beginners who want to learn both programming basics and Python syntax.


Learn Python

Everything starting with “Hello, World” and up to data science and decorators is covered in this free online Python course.  If you fail, click on the solution to see the right answer.


Full Stack Python

If you are a middle or a senior Python developer, you might find this resource interesting. Enjoy reading blog and newspaper with Python-related issues.


Dive into Python 3

To learn more about the differences between Python 2 and Python 3, you can check out this tutorial. Also available in the Italian and Czech languages!


Python Spot

PythonSpot is the place where both beginners and advanced developers can learn this programming language for free. Here you will find a complete Python 2 and Python 3 tutorial with simple explanations and examples.


Talk Python Podcast

Python is on air! If you don’t feel like reading books about Python, enjoy listening to the podcasts about Python tricks, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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