Top 13 Resources To Learn AngularJS

Are you planning to learn AngularJS? Why not? It is currently one of the trending technologies around and learning it is also monetarily beneficial.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for developing effective client-side applications. It is developed and maintained by Google and an open-source community of developers. It is shaping the future of dynamic single-page applications rapidly. I have prepared a list of 15 websites where you can learn AngularJS.


It offers a text-based course explaining the basic programming concepts and components of AngularJS. You can easily learn to develop AngularJS web applications with this course. This course is for software professionals having a basic knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, and CSS.


Egghead is resourced with several short video tutorials covering basic concepts of AngularJS and its utility in application development. It has basic introductory guides and video lessons on individual topics as well.


Google’s official website for AngularJS is a good place to kickstart your journey towards learning AngularJS. The site has useful text-based learning material supported by videos as well as other literature on the topic.

Getting Started with Angular 2+ – free

This is a free course to learn Angular from Udemy and it’s also a great one. You can easily earn how to build your first Angular 2+ app by following the instructions of Ryan Chenkie in this course.


Eduonix offers a comprehensive AngularJS course having a project-based approach. The course features instructional video tutorials and abundant resources that will help you to become a professional application developer using AngularJS and MEAN stack.

Year of Moo: AngularJS Guide

In this guide from Year of Moo (which I’ve linked to before for their unit testing guide for AngularJS), you will learn how to create components and services and how models and directives work. It goes in depth on how modules are created within AngularJS for an organization of projects.

Beginning AngularJS in 7 days

While the website has a lot of ads, the information on it is very good and is a good beginner tutorial for AngularJS. It goes into specifics on how to use REST resources with the $resource module and how to make HTTP requests with $http.


The courses on PluralSight are all very high quality and easy to learn from. They even offer an AngularJS quiz so you can gauge what your own skill level. In this course, they show you how to build controllers and directives.

Hands-on AngularJS Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to build an online movie booking app with AngularJS. There is a really good section on creating services.

Animate your site with AngularJS

Animations are important for a smooth user experience.  Specifically, it shows you which directives have built-in animation support. Then it ends by walking you through how to create custom animations with JavaScript.

AngularJS Data Modeling

This is an intermediate video course that shows you how to use caching in your models, how to add validation and manage validation through sub-classes. It is a thorough course at 104 minutes and 13 lessons.

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