Top 15 Python Libraries

Python is one of the world most popular and widely used high-level, general-purpose Language. There are many big organization using python for software development because of its versatile features.

It provides extensive support of libraries. Here we highlighting the top 15 very useful and famous Python libraries.


1. Requests

The most famous HTTP library written by Kenneth Reitz. It’s a must-have for every python developer.


2. Scrapy

If you are involved in web scraping then this is a must-have library for you. After using this library you won’t use any other.


3. Theano

It a Python deep learning library, which is used to optimize, define and evaluate mathematical numerical equations and multi-dimensional array. It is developed by machine learning group, so basically, Theano is a compiler for mathematical expression and it provides tight integration with Numpy and it provides a speedy and stability optimization.



4. Pillow

A friendly fork of PIL (Python Imaging Library). It is more user-friendly than PIL and is a must-have for anyone who works with images.

5. SQLAlchemy

A database library. Many love it and many hate it. The choice is yours.


6. BeautifulSoup

I know it’s slow but this XML and HTML parsing library is very useful for beginners.


7. Twisted

The most important tool for any network application developer. It has a very beautiful API and is used by a lot of famous python developers.


8. NumPy

How can we leave this very important library? It provides some advanced math functionalities to python.


9. SciPy

When we talk about NumPy then we have to talk about scipy. It is a library of algorithms and mathematical tools for python and has caused many scientists to switch from ruby to python.


Pytorch is open source library, it basically a replacement of library Numpy and it equipped with higher-level functionality for building a deep neural network. You still can use another language such as scipy, Cython, and numpy which help to extend PyTorch when required. Many organization including facebook, twitter, Nvidia, uber and other organization using Pytorch for rapid prototyping in research and to train deep learning models.


11. Pygame

Which developer does not like to play games and develop them? This library will help you achieve your goal of 2d game development.


12. Pyglet

A 3d animation and game creation engine. This is the engine in which the famous python port of Minecraft was made

13. Scapy

A packet sniffer and analyzer for python made in python.


14. TensorFlow

Tensor flow is an open source machine learning python library which is created by Google Brain Team. This library is used to develop, train and design deep learning models. It can be used to do numerical computation and it is an alternative to Theano. It can run on mobile devices, single CPU system and on GPU too.


15. SymPy

SymPy can do an algebraic evaluation, differentiation, expansion, complex numbers, etc. It is contained in a pure Python distribution.

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