Top 20 Free Full Screen WordPress Themes 2018

Fullscreen WordPress theme is the new trend in creating beautiful and eye-catching portfolios, blogs and websites. These themes became all the rage for many artists, developers, and website owners because it looks sleek, stylish and very easy to customize. Providing a perfect template for photography and portfolio sites. It usually comes with an enormous space dedicated to background images, slideshows or videos.

1. Brilliance

Brilliance is a colorful and creative website theme. An efficient platform for the seamless creation of a range of different website types and applications going from the personal and professional to business and corporate interests.


Klean is a top quality WordPress theme that can enhance the look of any website. It boasts plenty of innovative features, offering both accessibility and user-friendliness. The aesthetic design is stylized and smooth, suited for all web pages.



Shapely is an ideal choice for those who value quality. Staying true to its name, it can be used for almost any website niche. However, its one-page design is best suited for business-related pages.

4. Lensa

Lensa is a free fullscreen gallery WordPress theme designed for photographers, designers and other creative people who love displaying and sharing their high-resolution photography.


5.Arcade Basic

Arcade Basic’s wide and full-size header image will instantly grab the attention of anyone who visits your website. This distinctive website is a fully responsive HTML5 theme. Moreover, its theme customizer let you customize your page layout, header image and site width with ease.

6. Enigma

Enigma is a well-designed, responsive WordPress theme. It goes great with a variety of websites, blogs, or business pages. It is powered by the innovative Bootstrap CSS framework, allowing your content to be displayed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

7. Werkstatt

Werkstatt is a modern portfolio theme that is ideally suited to creative professionals or agencies. It offers a range of striking layout options, all perfect for showcasing imagery and designs.


A very modern and dynamic product which uses CSS3 and HTML5. It remains lightweight and clean, as its simplicity is one of its best features. You do not have to be an expert programmer in order to maintain an impressive web page. Furthermore, all options are intuitive and easy to implement.


Full-screen themes, such as TheGem, are arguably the most stunning examples of modern web design. Given the size of current displays, they have the ability to look almost widescreen.


Photo-Me is worthy of the beautiful work you will display on it. Near-limitless color, icon and font options will give you the perfect look to match your style, and over 50 different gallery and portfolio templates ensure that there’s negative space in all the right places to complement your content.



Two color options, light and dark, are built into the header. Also included are 6 different fullscreen styles: slideshow, Kenburns, single image cover, YouTube video, Vimeo video, and Photowalk. SEO optimized and multi-language ready, there’s nothing wrong with Darkroom from a coding front.


There are many different combinations of menu themes and layouts to get you started with Moose, and if you need a head start to get things going you can import one of ten demo themes and be up and ready to go in minutes.



The strength of this theme is that it keeps things simple. Photography and video support are included for easy uploading of your work. The vertical menu option here makes it just as easy to create a navigation menu for your site as it is for visitors to browse it.



The primary purpose of Sirius is to display images in a new and innovative fashion. The demo’s home page is just a slideshow of images that take up the entire space of the design. To view the menu, you have to click on an icon and wait for it to slide into view from the left.



Photography that can tell a story is often the difference between good and great work, and a theme that can enhance the immersive nature of your images is vital. Step forward Camilla – a deceptively simple theme that offers a unique layout and design.


This is a fun, colorful theme that relies on sleek animations, popping colors, and an array of smart layouts to give your website a bold, memorable look. Sixteen separate homepage demos provide you with a wealth of templates. To create a beautiful website that is a showcase for your talent.



There are so many features to play with in this theme that you might have trouble figuring out where to begin! Lots of fun animations, including a Pacman-esque chomping one when you load the demo homepage. Put a smile on your face before the theme has even fully loaded on your screen.


Wizard is a lightweight yet powerful full-screen theme that is equally functional as a portfolio theme for your personal photography business. As it is for your creative agency or small business. This flexibility in terms of style and functionality is written all over the theme. Six different homepage styles are perfectly adaptable to your specific needs. Sliding image galleries can be embedded in each section to provide visual accentuation.



Photography is created with the goal of turning your portfolio into a stunning website worthy of sharing your best work with the world. Dozens of potential layout options including vertical menus, animated gallery grids, and full-screen video make it easy to find the setup that suits your style and aesthetic preferences.


Illdy is a visually impressive multipurpose website theme. A deeply powerful and extensively refined free WordPress theme. Capable of handling all sorts of website types and applications across a vast range of industries and fields.

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