Which are the best Mobile Advertisement Networks?

Mobile Ad Networks

A mobile advertising platform is a third-party network. It allows advertisers to publish text, graphic or animated advertisements on mobile websites and applications.

A mobile advertising platform provides a mechanism that facilitates the monetization of sites and applications through targeted advertising channels designed to gain revenue from the traffic of mobile users

The reach of these mobile advertising platforms is immense, and they serve approximately 90% of the advertisers globally with an audience of over 800 million!


1.Admob by google

AdMob is among the most commendable advertising platforms presently available. It is sometimes referred to as ‘the child of a search engine giant, Google’. It has gained its reputation from its enormous advertisers’ network. Also, the fact that it is owned by Google, which is also reputable and renowned, is a major plus for this platform.



Airpush is one of the largest Mobile Ad Network catering to the Android segment. Advertisers and developers can look forward to great performance once they join this extensive Mobile Ad Network. Airpush already has a large list of advertisers to its credit. With Airpush, you get to have rich media ads which deliver high eCPM. It is studded with innovative push ad technology which can directly deliver advertisement into the top notification tray.


3.AdColony (or Opera Mediaworks)

AdColony is the choice for top mobile publishers in the world. Among its characteristics, we can find rich media & video, demographic targeting, and integration with both Android and iOS. This is the first advertising platform that offers Instant-Play™ HD video ad technology that works on every device no matter their quality and internet speed. It allows selecting the quality of ad content, bringing high engagement. They also have a premium service that helps publishers or advertisers to target their audience very precisely, ensuring user-response.



Aditic is a prime mobile advertising network that was established and is owned by a mobile marketing company called Sofialys. Aditic offers support on various platforms including Blackberry, Android, Java, iOS and Samsung Bada.



Flurry’s mission is to optimize the mobile experience of users by having better apps and personalized ads. It has the largest app data set if we talk about consumer usage in the world thus maximum advertisement revenue.

It has more than 700 million mobile smartphones and tablets globally and this is very promising and confident regarding its analytics.



StartApp is one of the best Mobile Ad Networks. It allows you to implement interstitial advertising. This mobile ad platform is built upon mutual mobile app user data sharing principle and allows advertisers to build comprehensive users profile.



One of the most advanced monetization app for games.Can easily operate on multiple platforms and generates a comparatively easy to install programs. The range of the ad formats is endless, and even monetization tool is present for the app business.



AppLovin’s platform will lead to all advertising media and will automatically purchase media through our network, helping to smoothly acquire new customers and monetize brands, and encourage existing users.



Appnext owns a large database and has a global reach permitting businesses to get in touch with users at the right moment. They provide real-life experiences with apps and follow users’ actions to show them a content or a suggested action. They work with iOS, Android and Mobile Web and support interstitial ads and notifications. In addition, targeting can be done by country, device or channel.



Liftoff specializes in user retention as they analyze their behavior and create profiles taking into account age, gender, mobile behavior and other most used apps. In that way, they help you build app campaigns that will drive you high quality installs.



If you need to focus on CPI, this is your platform! MoBrain was founded by Headway in 2014 and it presents an innovative fraud protection system which helps marketers reach out and engage with their users. The ads can adopt various display formats (banner, content, interstitial, native, video) and can be used in both Android and iOS platforms. It allows you to target your audience by location, operating system, OS version or carrier.



Phunware previous know as Tapit is another excellent Mobile Advertising Network. Its technical expertise combined with excellent market knowledge goes onto serve the needs of app developers, advertisers, and publishers in the best possible way. You can also be the one to take advantage of Phunware’s self-serve marketplace which it has built with years of expertise and experience.

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